WordPress Site Optimizations

Enhance your WordPress site’s security, performance, and functionality with our comprehensive optimization services. We tailor our approach to meet your specific setup and requirements, ensuring your site operates at its best.

Depending on setup, context and requirements, the services may include:

  • PHP Version Migration: Seamlessly migrate to a new PHP version for improved performance and reliability. We monitor the process and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
  • Security Enhancements: Review and apply essential security settings and updates using WP Toolkit, WP Admin, WordFence to safeguard your site.
  • Anti-Spam Measures: Prevent spam bot signups by checking and configuring registration settings and registering reCaptcha keys if necessary.
  • Vulnerability Scans: Conduct thorough scans with tools like WordFence and ImunifyAV to detect and address suspicious files and vulnerabilities.
  • Admin User Review: Check admin account(s), fix/setup admin capabilities and reset password if needed.
  • Database Cleanup: Optimize your site’s performance by cleaning up the database with specialized tools.
  • Issue Resolution: Troubleshoot site warnings, errors, and features, providing actionable solutions.
  • Feature Testing: Ensure key features, such as live video streaming and registration, function correctly.
  • Improve Mail Delivery: Review / optimize / test mailing, setup SMTP delivery, if necessary.
  • Plugin Review: Evaluate unused, outdated, or performance-impacting plugins to streamline your site.
  • Performance Optimization: Assess and adjust settings of optimization and caching plugins to minimize resource overhead.
  • Error Log Analysis: Review error logs to identify and resolve underlying issues.
  • Backup Management: Generate backups and clean up old restore points to maintain a reliable backup system.
  • Optimization Report: Provide optimizations and suggestions for further enhancements.

🛒 Order WP Site Preliminary Review and Optimizations for 100 USD

Depending on complexity and volume of work required, additional services may be required and suggested after the preliminary review and optimization.

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