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A complete video streaming site based on Video Share VOD . In addition to VOD (video on demand), website may include features like: social networking with BuddyPress, e-commerce with WooCommerce, creator subscriptions and digital asset management with MicroPayments, Webcam/Microphone/Screen recording, Contact Forms & Support System with Webcam Recorder, Video Forum with Webcam Recorder

Plan 1 2 3 4
Storage Space (Gb) 200 Gb 500Gb 1000Gb 2000Gb
Web Transfer (Gb/mo) 2000 Gb/mo 5000 Gb/mo 10 000 Gb/mo 20 000 Gb/mo
Web Memory 2Gb 4Gb 6Gb 8Gb
Web CPU (threads) 1 CPU 2 CPU 3 CPU 4 CPU
Web Disk IO 10Mb/s (36Gb/h) 20Mb/s (72Gb/h) 30 (108Gb/h) 40 (144Gb/h)
Web Processes 15 30 45 60
Addon Domains 0 +1 site +2 sites +3 sites
Park Domains 0 +2 multi +4 multi +6 multi
Sent Emails (hourly) 30 emails/h 40 emails/h 50 emails/h 60 emails/h
Max WordPress Plugins 40 50 60 70
Price (USD)* 50 $/month 100 $/month 150 $/month 200 $/month
Order Ask for Upgrade    
Get a turnkey video streaming site:
✔ installation of recommended technical solution (after pointing your domain)
✔ full mode capabilities (unlimited users as permitted by hosting resources, no intrusive attributions)
✔ solution updates, automated, when released
✔ complete consulting services for all project duration
✔ full access by admin backend, files/data by cPanel, WP Toolkit, FTP, phpMyAdmin
✔ flexibility: cancel or switch plan anytime

* This is a limited time offer. Pricing and plans are subject to change depending on technology, availability, demand.  

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