• These complete electronic services are designed to obtain, host and maintain own platform/website with the specific features presented on these websites (with the live demos). Technical solutions involve hardware, software, communication technologies and training, know how & assistance to setup / run / configure / customize various features and functionalities on own platform.
    The website services are provided per Website Services Contract .
  • The proposed solutions do not come pre-loaded with any content. Services refer to technical solutions exclusively, and not website content or user data. Turnkey solutions refer to the technical features and capabilities, not content or business services. 
  • Consulting services are centered on expert guidance, knowledge transfer, training, without involving the creation or transfer of intellectual property rights.
  • Installation of all features requires pointing your domain/subdomain to a compatible hosting account that can handle these features.
    Setup on other host with remote streaming involves feature limitations and is possible only with specific web host requirements like FFmpeg (usually not available on regular web hosts).
  • If you don’t have a domain registered for this project, yet, you can register a new domain for your project (free whois privacy). For an extra discount, use coupon: videowhisper
    Please make sure you register a non-offensive domain that meets Terms of Use and will not cause disruptions with service providers (domain registrars, data centers, billing websites).
  • Existing WordPress sites can be moved to compatible hosting before installing solution.
  • For turnkey hosted plans, please allow around a couple of working days (in average) for setup, after order processing. Depending on exact time of ordering, non working days, it can take few days. Plans and addons that require setups on 3rd party or additional servers may take longer (a week or two) depending on availability and delivery of required items.
    Faster you order, faster you get it setup.
  • Plan subscriptions can be cancelled anytime from billing site where order was placed (Stripe, BlueSnap, Paypal). Cancellation stops automated renewal.
    If you don’t want to renew, make sure you cancel before next billing date. Live demos and downloads are available for evaluation prior to ordering your own setup. Contracted services are not returnable due to their nature.
  • Manage subscriptions, billing details, invoices from the billing websites where you placed your order:
    – If you ordered on Stripe, use Stripe Customer Portal to manage your subscription and billing details, with your order email, per Stripe Terms.
    – If you ordered on BlueSnap, you can Manage billing details / subscriptions / invoices – web based and automated (does not involve support), on billing site per BlueSnap billing Terms and Conditions. To manage BlueSnap billing, you can retrieve credentials from their site (use order number and order email to get account details), for each order.
    When ordering through a reseller like BlueSnap Inc, you are buying the services from that reseller.
  • Each business owner is running your own site / platform and needs to do site administration.
    Site administration (by site owner) can include registering/managing/configuring accounts with payment/billing sites, setting up specific pages for terms depending on client jurisdiction, approving users, customizing settings for different options than defaults or configuring 3rd party themes/plugins/services.
    This involves some time, patience, technical abilities for website management or willingness to learn. Additional site staff (webmaster/consultant) can be used to run and manage own site, depending on volume and feature complexity.
    Website service provider can assist with configuring/troubleshooting solution plugins, suggesting 3rd party plugins or evaluating custom development for specific requirements,  clarifications and research for documentation links related to other plugins/services provided by 3rd parties for using in combination with solution.
  • Services and solutions are available under terms mentioned on their sites and order pages. Ordering or using these sites and services is an agreement of these terms, including: Website Services Contract (for ordering these website services), Terms of Service / Use (for using sites and ordering consulting services), Privacy PolicyStripe Service Agreement, BlueSnap Terms and Conditions.
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