Streaming Limitations

Most streaming limitations refer to maximum usage estimates based on plan resources and are listed to help pick and adjust plan.

  • Total Bitrate : Limitation on maximum streaming bitrate that can be used for an account, by adding maximum video + audio bitrate of all connected broadcasters and players. This is a resource.
  • Streams ~1064kbps : An estimate for maximum number of simultaneous streams that could be supported with video bitrate set at 1000kbps and audio bitrate at 64kbps.
  • 1 Way Viewers : Maximum simultaneous viewers a broadcaster can stream to when also watching own preview, based on streams estimate. For N users there’s N stream playbacks and 1 broadcasting. This is not a recommended use case for P2P WebRTC plans where broadcaster upload and processing limitations (on client side) also apply. A relay live streaming server is recommended for 1 to many.
  • 1 Way Privates : Maximum simultaneous 1 way video calls, where a performer broadcasts a stream and the client is only watching, based on streams estimate. Each room consumes 2 streams (1 broadcasting and 1 watching).
  • 2 Way Privates : Maximum simultaneous 2 way video calls, where both users broadcast and watch video, based on streams estimate. Each room consumes 2 streams ( 2 broadcasting, 2 watching).
  • Max Resolution : Maximum video resolution, limit for P2P plans.
  • Max Frame Rate : Maximum video frame rate, limit for P2P plans.
  • Max Bitrate : Maximum video bitrate, limit. For P2P plans there’s different limits for video and audio.
  • Max Audio Bitrate : Maximum audio bitrate, limit for P2P plans.
  • Max Connections : Maximum simultaneous connections (streams), limit. This limitations makes sense when account also handles audio only streaming and streaming bitrate limit is not reached first.

P2P Limitations: Peer to peer streaming requires broadcaster to stream a separate stream to each of the peers. This is optimal for latency on private calls or 1 to few viewers.  P2P for 1 to many viewers requires great processing resources and upload connection bitrate.
For scaling to 1 to many scenarios, Wowza SE relaying is recommended, where broadcaster publishes only 1 stream to server and server distributes that stream to all room viewers.

Streaming using relay 

  • Client Upload / Resolution (kbps) limits bitrate a client can broadcast to server. High bitrate per user limits reduces number of maximum users. Resolution is not limited, is only included as guideline for quality streaming within that bitrate. For low movement scenes as static background videoconference and videochat, lower bitrate is required compared to high motion videos, sports or games.

Web Hosting

  • Storage Space is fully available for your website files and data on a multiple disks RAID configuration for better performance & reliability compared to single disk setups. Account files are usually stored in RAID5 and MySQL data in RAID1.


Max WordPress Plugins: Refers to recommended maximum active WordPress plugins, a rough estimate as different plugins have different impact on a setup. More plugins increase setup complexity, resources required per request, page load time, probability of various conflicts that can result in errors and performance issues.
Plugin Suggestion: install only plugins that are really necessary for project because adding many results in higher setup complexity (hassle with conflicting settings or hooks) and high resource usage per request (lower user capacity and speed for website). Often when adding plugins, less is more.

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