Site on Own Server

The technical solutions can be deployed on your own dedicated server or VPS that meets the requirements.
These deployments can be paid in a single project lifetime fee or a setup fee + monthly subscription.

Site Type Video Sharing / On Demand P2P WebRTC Live Streaming Relay Live Streaming P2P + Relay Live Streaming
Specific streaming features Video sharing, video conversion, snapshots, webcam recording. P2P WebRTC live streaming, web based between few users. Complete live streaming capabilities (WebRTC, OBS to HLS, restreaming RTSP), streaming to many users. Complete live streaming capabilities (WebRTC, OBS to HLS, restreaming RTSP), streaming to many users + P2P WebRTC for latency optimal video calls.
Requirements Video Web Hosting P2P WebRTC + Video Web Hosting Relay Live Streaming (Wowza SE license) + Video Web Hosting Relay Live Streaming (Wowza SE license) + P2P WebRTC + Video Web Hosting, 2 physical servers
Lifetime $400 $1200 $1500 $1700
Setup + Subscription $200 + $15/month $600 + $40/month $800 + $50/month $900+$70/month

Live streaming plans also include assistance with video sharing features.

Contact with your requirements to get a suitable plan.

All plans include:

  • Installing the live streaming and/or video conversion server software, depending on plan type
  • Installing the web software (WordPress turnkey setups or standalone PHP demos)
  • Full capabilities for the proposed features
  • Troubleshooting proposed solution features for entire service duration
  • Consulting for entire service duration

These plans don’t include Wowza Streaming Engine or other 3rd party software licensing, SSL certificates, 3rd party services, dedicated servers or VPS.

Service Duration

  • Lifetime
    The lifetime price is for project lifetime, per domain (website). Setup and subscription fees do not apply when getting a lifetime plan.
    Domain change: Changing website domain requires website reconfiguration. One (1) website domain change is included and can be provided within the first year of service.
    Server Change (reinstallation): Deploying project on different server requires reinstallation. One reinstallation is included within the first year of the project.
  • Subscription
    Subscriptions involve a setup fee. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime (no commitment).
    Domain change: Website domain changes (reconfigurations) are included, but not more often than once every 3 months. Only while subscription is active.
    Server change (reinstallation): 1 reinstallation per year is included, but only while subscription is active.



Deploying and running these technical solutions on own dedicated server or VPS involves specific requirements.

Video Web Hosting
For installing the web part of  technical solutions (WordPress turnkey setups or stand alone PHP demos), these are required:

  • Functional Web Server (preferably on a cPanel/WHM setup with standard settings)
  • SSL certificate for domain, HTTPS configured (installation needs to be accessible as
  • PHP at least 7.4+, 8+ recommended
    Recommended PHP settings:

    • error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT (on PHP 5.4+, 7+)
    • short_open_tag On
    • open_basedir restrictions should allow accessing CMS configuration and libraries (depending on integration)
    • scripts require write permissions on certain files and folders (to store snapshots, chat logs, sessions)
  • MySQL (not required for the php only stand alone simple integration, strict mode must be disabled)
  • FFmpeg:  video conversions, extracting snapshots / previews, recording on demand, transcoding, with HTML5 HLS/WebRTC codecs including H264,H265,VP8,VP9, AAC, Opus
  • High upload limits for uploading videos (using CloudFlare may introduce upload limitations)
  • High processing resources (CPU & memory) for FFmpeg
  • Starting Hardware: VPS with +2 CPU cores, 4Gb RAM, 100Mbps connection.

Access required:  hosting control panel to create databases, FTP or SFTP (SSH) to deploy files and phpMyAdmin to troubleshoot any database issues, SSH for FFmpeg installation (if needed).

Not included: Services don’t include installing/updating/configuring required web hosting services (in example Apache), PHP versions and modules, MySQL, SSL & HTTPS, unless WHM is available (for automated installation/configuration).

P2P WebRTC Requirements

To deploy the P2P WebRTC signaling server, these are required

  • Working Linux distribution (preferably CentOS, CloudLinux or similar)
  • SSL certificate for a pointed domain, accessible as crt & key files (can be retrieved from WHM)
  • open ports:
    • 3000 TCP = NodeJS server (WSS + HTTPS), customizable
    • 3478 UDP = WebRTC STUN/TURN discovery. Other: 5349 for TLS, 19305/19307 Google STUN server.
    • 6970-10000 UDP = WebRTC live streaming.
  • Starting Hardware: VPS  with +4 CPU cores, 8Gb RAM, 250Mbps connection.

Access: hosting control panel and phpMyAdmin access to deploy MySQL part (if accounts, plan restrictions, stats are needed).
Not included: SSL certificate installation and configuration for domain and crt/key files (must be already available), unless using WHM.

Relay Live Streaming Requirements

The Wowza Streaming Engine provides support for: scaling to many viewers by relaying, publishing RTMP to HLS (with OBS or mobile Larix), re-streaming (in example from RTSP 24/7 IP cameras, RTMP IP TV streams). This involves special requirements:

  • A Wowza SE license, from $2300+/year . See Wowza SE pricing. A trial license key can be used to test with 3 connections for 30 days. Pricing and terms depend on Wowza Media Systems.
  • The Wowza StreamLock SSL certificate for streaming (needs to be created from Wowza account)
  • a strong server with high connection
  • open ports:
    • 1935 TCP = RTMP/E : For publishing with OBS and other RTMP encoders like mobile Larix.
    • 6970-10000 UDP = WebRTC live streaming.
    • 1936 TCP = Or other port for SSL live streaming, WSS, customizable
    • 3478 UDP = WebRTC STUN/TURN discovery. Other: 5349 for TLS, 19305/19307 Google STUN server.
  • Starting Hardware: Dedicated Server with +8 CPU cores, 16Gb RAM, 500Mbps connection.

Access: SSH and SFTP access to deploy and configure Wowza SE including HLS, WebRTC over SSL.

Relay Live Streaming + P2P WebRTC

For implementing the 2 live streaming types, 2 physical servers are recommended, for supporting WebRTC both 1 to many for scaling and in private calls and benefiting from load balancing. In example, a strong dedicated server can be used for web hosting and Wowza SE and a VPS for P2P WebRTC video calls.
Requirements for both types of setups apply.

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